The Sweet Life of Matt & Kody

The Sweet Life of Matt & Kody

PMT Wanna-be's Matt Pitts and Kody Hanson of Let Me Tell You About and Revival "fame" take a deep dive each week analyzing the news, results and gambling lines in sports. Hot takes a-plenty on the official Anti-ISIS podcast. Matt, Kody and sometimes their guests will also tackle a random additional topic, sometimes chosen by the viewers!

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    General happenings/what we've been up to segue into NBA offseason -kawhi tells spurs he no longer wants to step in to san antonio locker room -spurs re-engage lakers, celtics, un-named other teams on leonard -whar larbon james gonna palye next saezon -pg aka PLAYOFF P opts out piece of dogshit opts IN Lebron slides in KD's DMs? -NBA vs NFL offseason, which is better? SEGUE INTO NFL TALK AFC Conference preview (division winners, seeds) What are you most excited for in the AFC? New football segment: Tailgate Tech of the Month segue into songs of the summer/x getting shot "wow matt its almost like there's no sports actually happening right now" "haha yeah"

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    Conorquixote McFlamingo Ruins UFC 223

    One of the BIGGEST weekends in combat sports is upon us as we preview UFC 223 and some breaking news regarding one Conor McGregor. We also take a look at the past week in NFL, MLB, NBA and College Basketball. Matt is also really excited about Wrestlemania.

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    yeah yeah its late im sorry kody set my house on fire and it just now got rebuilt subscribe n shit

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    Matt & Kody break down the latest news from the week in sports. An egregious contract to Jon Gruden, soccer players being banned from drinking, and the NFL Playoff Preview!

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    We Miss George Lucas?

    Matt & Kody are back with the BIGGEST episode yet! Includes a special guest appearance from Tad Becker of Let Me Tell You About fame as we review Star Wars!

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    Hey Paul!

    Matt & Kody embark on a new sports adventure! Laughing! Crying! Y'all actually read this? Lmaoooooo